Chris Carpenter has long dreamed of opening a winery. In 2005 the Pasando Tiempo Vineyard was planted with the help of his extended family, and a few very good friends. That was the beginning of a family business, and eleven years later, these same family members and friends still help with the winery. 

Whether it be maintaining the website, posting events on Facebook, scheduling wine events, working in the wine tasting room or out in the vineyard, these friends and family members continue to contribute to the success of Pasando Tiempo Winery. The tasting room is now in its sixth season, including an expansion and outdoor seating. This expansion has allowed Pasando Tiempo Winery to host several events, from small wedding receptions to fund-raisers and private parties.

It’s about making one man’s dream come true and Chris and Martha have done just that. 

Our Story

We wish you all the success in the world. Please let us know if you need any help. 

Chris and Alesia   Cappon/ March 2012

I was surprised when my friend Martha Carpenter, wife of Pasando Tiempo Vintner, Chris Carpenter presented me with not 1, but 3 bottles - one of each of their first vintage of each of the varietals. Upon uncorking the Chardonnay at room temp, I thought the better of it and placed it in the fridge uncorked for about 20 or 30 minutes. My guest and I loved the bottle and the equisite dry mouth feel. Before uncorking bottle #2 a couple weeks later, this one the Malvasia Bianca, I gently enrobed it in a fresh blanket of ice for an hour and remembered Martha's tasting notes it should have fresh pear pineapple. Just as she said it was a high note of pear and pineapple, nice and dry on the tongue
but bright and crisp fruitiness. I have to admit, I have been hoarding my bottles and haven't yet dared open the final of the 3 bottles. I have no doubt it is destined to be my favorite - the red - a luscious blend Martha says will please for sure. I'm looking forward not only to that bottle, but the nuances some age will give to the first vintage of these three and future bottlings.
Spend a little time enjoying them my friends.


Melinda Potcher,
Oenophile.and Albuquerque Resident/ March 2012

Winter Hours: open every 3rd weekend 12-4 pm